Development Cooperation Division (DCD)

The development Cooperation Division’s (DCD) mission is to overall manage Vanuatu’s image internationally and regionally by maintaining healthy relations and mobilizing resources for the development of Vanuatu.

The Development Cooperation Divisions’ strategies:

  • Project a positive image of Vanuatu by Maintaining healthy relations with International Organization, Regional organizations with its membership contributions and Countries with Diplomatic relations
  • Develop Memorandum of Understanding between (MoU) with Countries of Mutual support and interest
  • Identify opportunities and negotiate potential cooperation agreements with new and existing partners
  • Secure external funding resources for Government projects through the Government Investment Program (GIP)
  • Establish healthy relations through Bi-Lateral and Multi-Lateral agreements between new and existing partners


Apart from the Division’s strategies, the DCD is also responsible for maintaining cooperation by working alongside the Immigration Department in issuing Visa and Work permits for Personnels working under Government projects and programs. The Development Cooperation Division also facilitates the circulation of short term training to specific Government Ministries and Scholarships that are given to the Vanuatu people through co-operations it maintains with its international counterparts.

Development Cooperation Division (DCD)

1. UN Secretariat
2. UNDP (UN Development Program)
3. UNEP (UN Environment Program)
4. UNCBD (UN Convention On Biological Diversity)
5. UNFCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change)
6. UNCITIES (UN Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species)
7. UNCCD (UN Convention To Combat Desertification)
8. UNPKF (UN Peace Keeping Force)
9. ISBA (International Seabed Authority)
10. ITLOS (International Tribunal On The Law Of The Sea)
11. UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund)
12. UNFPA (UN Population Fund)
13. WHO (World Health Organization)
14. WHO (World Heritage Organization)
15. UNIFEM (UN Women)
16. UNCTAD (UN Conference On Trade And Development)
17. UNDHA (UN Dept For Humanitarian Affairs- Now UNOCHA)
18. UNESCO (UN Economic And Social Commission)
19. WMO (World Meteorological Organization)
20. FAO (Food And Agriculture Organization)
21. OIE (International Epizootic Organization)
22. ITU (International Telecommunication Organization)
23. UPU (Universal Postal Union)
24. IMO (International Maritime Organization)
25. ESCAP (Economic And Social Commission For Asia & Pacific)
26. SIAP (Statistical Institute For Asia And Pacific)
27. WTO (World Trade Organization)
28. IMF (International Monetary Fund)
30. OPCW (Organization For The Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons)
31. ILO (International Labour Organization)
32. UNCLOS (UN Convention On The Law Of The Sea)
33. UNIDO (UN Industrial Development Organization)
34. UNWTO (World Tourism Organization)
35. IOM (International Organization For Migration)
36. ICC (International Criminal Court)
37. UN World Tourism Organization
1. Commonwealth Secretariat
2. CFTC (Commonwealth Fund For Technical Cooperation)
3. CYP (Commonwealth Youth Program)
4. CPA (Commonwealth Parliamentary Association)
5. CMJA (Commonwealth Magistrates And Judges Association)
6. COL (Commonwealth Of Learning)
7. CTO (Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization)
1. PIF (Pacific Islands Forum)
2. FFA (Forum Fisheries Agency)
3. SPC (Secretariat Of The Pacific Community)
4. SPREP (South Pacific Regional Environment Programme)
5. SPTO (South Pacific Tourism Organization)
6. PIDP (Pacific Islands Development Programme)
7. USP (University Of The South Pacific)
8. SPBEA (South Pacific Board For Educational Assessment)
9. MSG (Melanesian Spearhead Group)
10. ASYCUDA (Automated System Of Customs Data Project)
11. OCO (Oceania Customs Organization)
12. PINA (Pacific Islands News Association)
13. PIBA (Pacific Islands Broadcasting Association)
14. ASPA (Association Of South Pacific Airlines)
15. PITA (Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association)
16. PTC ( Pacific Telecommunications Council)
17. SPC (South Pacific Games)
18. FPA (Festival Of Pacific Arts)
19. PIMA (Pacific Islands Museum Association)
20. PASO (Pacific Aviation Safety Office)
1. OIF (Organization International De La Francophonie)
2. AUF (Agence Universitarie De La Francophonie)
3. AIMF (Association Internationale Des Maires De La Francophonie)
4. AIPLF (Association Internationale Des Parlementaires De Langue Françoise)
5. CONFEMEN (Conference Ministerielle Des Ministres De L ‘Education)
1. ACP (Africa, Caribbean And Pacific Group Of States)
2. ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organization)
3. IUFRO (International Union Of Forestry Research Organization)
4. ACI (Airports Council International)
5. IATA (International Air Transport Association)
6. SITA (Societe Internationale De Telecommunications Aeronautique)
7. PSCAP (Port State Control For Asia-Pacific)
8. APCC (Asia Pacific Coconut Community)
9. INTOSAI (International Organization Of Supreme Audit Institution)
10. SPASAI (South Pacific Association Of Supreme Audit Institution)
11. ADB (Asian Development Bank)
12. WCO (World Customs Organization)
13. APPU (Asian Pacific Postal union)
14. IMSO (International Mobile Satellite Organization)
15. WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
16. IUCN (International Union For The Conservation Of Nature)
17. IMO (International Meteorological Organization)
18. BIE (Bureau Of International Exposition)
19. G77 ( The Group Of 77)
20. CBTO ( Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization)
21. IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)
22. IAEA ( International Atomic Energy Agency)
23. CTBTO ( Preparatory Commission For The Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization)
24. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
25. APT (Asia Pacific Telecommunity)
26. ICCAT (International Commission For The Conservation Of Atlantic Tuna)
27. IOTC (Indian Ocean Tuna Commission)
28. WCPFC (Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission)
29. Waigani Convention



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